Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Drinkable Book: Tackling the global water drinking crisis

A global nonprofit organization, Water is Life has introduced a new “drinkable manual” that teaches safe water tips and serves as a tool to revolutionize water purification as a means of tackling the global water crisis. Bizarre right!

Well, the drinkable book invented by chemist Dr. Theresa Dankovich, has a custom-designed filter box, that when water passes through the system will be safe for human consumption.
The organization in collaboration with scientists from the University of Virginia and Carnegie Melon University, say the book’s high-tech filtration paper, can provide up to four years of safe drinking water for any water-deprived community.
According to Kristine Bender, Water is Life president, "A book is the perfect medium for tackling the global water crisis. The paper can be created in many forms and potential designs, but the value and emotion that the gift of a book stirs – is priceless."

The ''Water is Life'' organization is said to begin distributing this books in early 2015 to India, Haiti, Kenya and Ghana.

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