Saturday, 18 October 2014

Google Nigeria Host Africa's First Google House Event

…as they introduce cutting edge technology that will make your living experience easier

For those of you who heard about the Google house event that held earlier this week and were wondering what it was all about? Well, here’s a sneak peek into what actually event went down.

Google Nigeria showcased many of its amazing products in a bid to enlighten Nigerians about how to make their day-to-day life’s much easier. 

Let’s start with the Teens/Student room: This room showcased how tools such as Google drive and Google doc can help enhance your study life.

Living Room: This room shows how Google services such as Google Play, Voice search; YouTube and Chromecast can make your living room involvement more entertaining.

Kitchen: Celebrity chef Tolu Eros illustrates how products, such as Search, YouTube G+ and Google Play can enhance your cooking experience.

Travel: The two different areas (bagging area and restaurant abroad) highlighted the importance of products like Google Now, Translate and Voice Search while traveling.

On the go: Outdoor space setting (e.g. bus stop) showed how Google can help users navigate their own local area, with sign-in benefits like Google Now and products offline mode like Maps were the core of this space.
Future Room: This room consist of products such as Chrome cast, Map maker and Google earth.

See below more photo's of faces at the Google House Event

Marian Balogun  (AKA Mya)

Effiong Osuchukwu, Kelechi Amadi-Obi 
& Chef Tolu Eros
Commissioner Biyi Mabadeje trying
 on the Google Glass